Epoxy Paint SML Cast Iron Bend Fittings

Epoxy Paint SML Cast Iron Bend Fittings

Dinggin Harware is a professional and leading supplier of EN877 cast iron pipes and fittings. The fittings we could supply bend, branch,inspection pipes, P-trap etc. the fittings can change the pipes direction.
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Item description:Epoxy Paint SML cast iron bend fittings


The Epoxy Paint SML Cast Iron Bend Fittings are a system combined with pipes designed to collect waste water and rainwater from buildings and surface water and to convey them to the point of disposal or treatment.

Angles of fittings:

Fittings shall be designed to the angles specified below with a design tolerance of +/- 2 degree.

-Bends: 15degree;22degree;30degree;45degree;68degree;88degree

-Single/double branches: 45degree;66 degree;88degree

EN877 cast iron fittings

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