En877 Flexible Interface Grey Cast Iron Drainage Pipe

En877 Flexible Interface Grey Cast Iron Drainage Pipe

smooth surface, good adhesion, corrosion resistance, no noise, tensile strength ≥200 MPa.
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Building install, dirty water and rain water exhausting,


exchanging dirty air with pure air, facilities of hygene room and sewerage pipe.

Please allow me to introduce the products’ advantages:

l  fire resistance

l  longevity

l  corrosion resistance

l  superior strength

l  shielded coupling stops leaking

l  superior noise suppression

l  easy to assemble, install

Benefits of cast iron 

Performance at high temperatures:

 1. High temperature resisting properties 

 2. Heat resisitant & does not support combustion 

 3. High melting point to 1000℃

 4  It does not give off black smoke or gases when heated up 

 5 It  does not promotes the propagation of fire from one floor to another 

 6 very low coefficient of expansion & hence , great for  resisting thermal expansion


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