Centrifugal Cement Lined K9 Ductile Iron Pipes

Centrifugal Cement Lined K9 Ductile Iron Pipes

class: k69/k8/k7/class c joint type: socket spigot type(T type) length/pc: 5.7m/6m per piece
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Centrifugal cement lined k9 ductile iron pipes


Processing technique: centrifugal casting

Class: k9,c40,c30,c25, k8,k7

Material: G10/G12 ductile iron

Spherodizing grade: class 1-3

Cement lining inside: silicate cement, sulphate resistant cement, high aluminium cement

Zinc coating outside: above 130g/m2, or 200g/m2, or 400g/m2, or zinc-aluminium cement, can be customized

Paint: black bitumen, epoxy, PU.

Marking: sprayed on the pipe body, and casted inside the socket

Installation: we can send you installation instruction


Ductile iron pipe material physical property

Spec.tensile   strength (N/mmyield   strength ElongationBrinell hardness
DN100-DN1000 420mpa 300mpa 10%230HB
DN1100-DN2600 420mpa 300mpa 7%230HB









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