Water System Ductile Cast Iron Pipe

Water System Ductile Cast Iron Pipe

EN545/ISO2531 ductile cast iron pipe for water system. Rich zinc coat and black bitumen paint, make the pipe anti-corrosive. Inside lined with cement mortars, safe enough for drinking water. Very easy to install, fast delivery.
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water system ductile cast iron pipe

1.Ductile iron pipes for water supply

 Product standards: BS EN545:2002, ISO2531:1998
1)    Pipes are supplied in standard length of 5.5/6.0m, short length pipes as per respective standards can be supplied.
2)    In addition to Class K9 pipes, we also supply K7, K8, K10 and K12 classes of pipe.
3)    The thickness can be determined by the formula e=K (0.5+0.001DN)
4)    PFA (allowable operating pressure) is the internal pressure, exclusive of surge, that a component can safely withstand in permanent service.

5)    PMA (allowable maximum operating pressure) is the maximum internal pressure, including surge, that a component can withstand for a relatively short duration, when either fixed above ground level or laid and back filled underground in order to measure the integrity and leak tightness of the pipes. 

2. Ductile iron pipes for sewerage application
Product standard: BS EN598:2002
Quality checks at every stage of manufacturing:
1) Strict selection of raw material is an indispensable requirement to produce quality ductile iron pipes and fittings.
2) We produces liquid metal suited to manufacture ductile iron pipes. The liquid metal is further processed in induction furnaces. It is then treated with magnesium for modularization and transferred to the centrifugal spun casting machines.
3) The pipes are heat treated, zinc coated, hydrostatically tested, tested, cement mortar lined and finished with a layer of bitumen coating.
4) The in process inspection and quality control at all points during the production cycle is strictly maintained and documented as ISO9001 quality systems.



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