A few knowledge of precast drainage channel installation

- Apr 08, 2018-

With the continuous innovation and in-depth research of modern construction engineering technology, we have made great progress and improvement in urban construction projects, building design projects, and pipeline laying projects. As a result, we are planning for our architectural design. More effective. As the most important part of the industrial plant construction and urban housing planning layout, the precast drainage channel has become the main means to solve the problems of urban internal waterlogging, industrial wastewater discharge, and urban domestic wastewater treatment. As a result, the installation and construction of drainage channel is particularly critical.

Precise drainage channel installation and construction considerations.

First of all, before we understand the installation and construction of drainage channel, we will give a brief introduction to its main functions and functions. Our drainage channel makes use of its updated material manufacturing technology to make drainage faster and smoother, and at the same time, the service life of our drainage channel is longer than that of traditional drainage pipes, which can provide convenient channels for all types of wastewater discharge and life production. .

First of all, due to its special material composition, our drainage channel has a very small water flow resistance and a stronger drainage capacity, so it does not require targeted slope treatment to waste space and construction costs;

Secondary, our drainage channel should be planned in areas that do not have a functional impact on existing or completed buildings, including materials and cargo that do not affect warehouse buildings, material processing and product transportation that does not affect industrial production buildings. , And does not affect the smoothness of the human channel and so on.

The third aspect, as the main link of the drainage system, our drainage channel is the most important and most basic objective function to ensure the discharge and movement of the water body. Therefore, we should pay attention to the number of laying plans for our drainage channel, which must meet the water discharge and flow on all area units in our functional planning area;

The fourth aspect, in order to ensure the smooth use of our drainage channel, we should adopt a hidden design of underground burial. This can effectively prevent the damage of our drainage channel caused by the pressure of heavy objects and also prevent the solid material from falling. Into the ditch causing blockage affect the flow of water.

Our drainage channels are the most popular nowadays and also use the most extensive types of drains, which are superior to conventional drains in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and production and laying costs. In addition, the combination of the above-mentioned correct installation methods, precautions, and the excellent properties of our drainage channel also eliminates the need for excessive maintenance cost investment in the use process, which greatly reduces management costs.