Application and manufacture process of gabion

- Mar 28, 2018-

The gabion is a new type of material structure that is widely used in transportation, water conservancy, municipal administration, gardening, and water and soil conservation projects. The eco-grid is a high-strength, low-carbon, high-galvanized steel wire or 5% to 110% aluminum-zinc dilute alloy coated steel wire (or a homogenous coated polymer steel wire) that will be rot-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-strength. The mesh length of the multi-stranded, hexagonal mesh should be not less than 5 cm in length for the double-wire hinged portion so as not to damage the protective coating of the wire. Gabion can be assembled into cages based on engineering design requirements, and can be integrated into bulk materials such as stone blocks and used as a new technology for embankments and subgrade protection.

In order to ensure that the material of the steel wire is not damaged during the weaving process (other steel wires such as medium and high carbon and alloy steel wire equipment are not weaved, forcibly weaving will destroy the steel wire material and plating, etc.), construction is convenient, and its flexibility characteristics are reflected. Grubbing wire can only use low-carbon steel wire, absolutely can not use other wire; If the low-carbon high-dip galvanized or 10% aluminum-zinc alloy wire surface coated with a layer of PVC or PE (can not use other polymers), Its finished structure will be more rust-proof, anti-static, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, high-pressure-resistant, high-shear and other features, can effectively resist the erosion of seawater or highly polluted environment.