Clamp type W flexible interface installation method to ASTM A888 cast iron drainage pipes

- Apr 29, 2018-

To ASTM A888 cast iron drainage pipes.

Clamp type A flexible interface installation method:

1. Construction and installation should be based on the required length, the straight pipe fixed firmly, disconnected with the wheel cutting machine, the cross-section should be vertical, smooth, no flash, burrs, so as not to damage the rubber seal.

2. Loosen the clamp bolts with a special wrench or screwdriver for the clamp connection, remove the rubber ring, and insert the clamp into the lower pipe.

3. Insert the rubber ring into one end of the lower tube and insert the upper tube into the rubber ring so that the two interfaces are flat and aligned. Finally, put the clamps into the rubber ring.

4. Use clamps to connect special wrenches or screwdrivers to lock the clamp bolts so that the tight clamps can be tightened in place to prevent excessive tension and bolts from slipping.