Introduction of wrought iron products

- May 01, 2018-

The iron products are made by melting the pig iron with low carbon content into a transparent silicate solution. The two are mixed to form an elliptical metal ball, and then the excess slag is removed at a high temperature, and then rolled into strips of cooked iron rings. After degreasing, impurities, rust removal, rust prevention and artistic treatment, it can become a home decoration product.

The classification of iron products: one is the use of forging process, that is, hand-made iron products, this product is relatively pure material, carbon content is low, its products are more delicate, rich patterns, is the preferred home decoration; The other type is iron cast iron products. The appearance of such products is rough, the lines are straight and rough, and the overall products are bulky. The prices of such products are not high, but they are prone to rust.