Pipes of different materials applied to underground water supply pipe net work.

- Feb 09, 2018-

Outdoor underground water supply pipe.

At present, the commonly used outdoor underground water supply pipe has flexible interface ductile iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe, PE pipe, AGR pipe, other such as spiral steel pipe, prestressed concrete pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe and other applications in the construction of supporting projects Very few, not discussed here.

  1. Ductile iron pipe is with high strength, toughness, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, ease of installation and construction. Feeding ductile iron pipe according to different ways of the interface is divided into K-type mechanical flexible interface pipe and T-type socket flexible pipe. This pipe due to the small number of parts affected the promotion and application of the situation, has been basically alleviated, there are specialized in the production of large parts manufacturers for domestic construction selection, at present, the pipe is the most widely used in construction supporting water supply pipe.EN545 ductile iron pipes.jpg

  2. Galvanized steel pipe Galvanized steel pipe has been widely used in construction supporting water supply project, but because of its poor corrosion resistance, and poor hygiene, the Ministry of Construction has expressly issued a ban on domestic use of galvanized steel pipe, but there are still fire engineering application.

  3. PE pipe commonly used PE pipe has a density of MDPE type and HDPE points. Due to the high density HDPE pipe used in water supply and drainage projects, PE pipe is usually represented by high density HDPE pipe. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of reliable connection: the polyethylene piping system adopts electric hot melt connection, the strength of the joint is higher than the strength of the pipe body, the low temperature impact resistance is good, the pipe brittle cracking does not occur during winter construction, Good chemical resistance, hygienic; anti-aging, long service life; good abrasion resistance; good flexibility; on many occasions, the flexibility of the pipe can reduce the pipe fittings and reduce the installation cost; the flow resistance is small; Convenience.

  4. AGR pipe is characterized by low temperature resistance, high freezing resistance; high impact resistance; rigidity, the plastic pipe products in all AGR pipeline expansion coefficient is the lowest, to support large-spaced pipe, installation without considering the expansion process; bonding High strength, AGR pipe with a matching NO.80 adhesive quickly melt, adhesive strength than ordinary plastic pipe 4 times higher; Health: Health standards beyond the national standard and the World Health Organization (WHO) indicators, health Non-toxic, compact molecular structure, low oxygen permeability, not easy to breed bacteria; wall smooth, water and other fluids transport resistance loss is small, not easy to attach the precipitate can be directly used in direct drinking water, purified water pipeline delivery system; AGR tube is a flame retardant material with an oxygen index greater than 40 and self-extinguishing from fire.