Polypropylene fiber concrete

- Jul 21, 2018-

The polypropylene film splitting fiber is a bundle of synthetic fibers which can be cut into a network or cut into a chopped length of 19 to 64 mm. To prevent aging, it should be packed in a black packaging container before use.

The construction process is divided into a stirring method and a spraying method. The amount of fiber varies depending on the process. The mixing method has a short length of 40 to 70 mm and a volumetric mixing ratio of 0.4% to 1%; the short length of the jetting method is 20 to 60 mm, and the volume mixing ratio is 2% to 6%. Polypropylene fiber} Kunming soil, the mechanical properties are not high, once the concrete cracks, the fiber concrete will crack, and the compressive strength is not significantly improved. Only the impact strength is high, which can be increased by 2 to 10 times. Shrinkage can be reduced by 75%. Can be used for non-load-bearing boards, parking lots, etc.

That's why some other suppliers offer the drainage channel made of polypropylene fiber concrete with a lower price. To polymer concrete drainage channel the strength performance is better than fiber concrete products.