Why choose cast iron pipes

- Jul 07, 2020-

Today we discuss one benefit to choose cast iron pipes not plastic pipes.

We know that the plastic pipe has served useful functions in today's construction industry. Some plastic pipe serivce acid waste successfully, and some people feel that plastic pipe offer a lower material cost for construction projects. However, there are significant differences exist between cast iron pipe and plastic pipe, and those differences can be crucial for anyone responsible for selecting piping materials. Cast iron pipe prevents the spread of fire much better than plastic pipe because cast iron is not combustible. It will neither support a fire or burn away, leaving a hole through which smoke and flames can rush through a building. On the other hand, combustible pipe such as PVC and ABS, can burn away, creating an opening through which flames can move from one part of the building to the next. Moreover firestopping from combustible pipe is labor intensive, and the materials are expensive, but firestopping for cast iron pipe, a noncombustible pipe, is relatively easy to install and inexpensive.

This is one of all the benefits of cast iron pipes, next we will introduce the 2rd benefit of cast iron pipes.