Characteristics Of Ductile Iron Pipe

- Dec 27, 2017-

Using casting molten iron with more than 18th, after adding the ball agent, through centrifugal ductile iron machine centrifugal casting pipe, called "Ductile Iron Pipe", referred to as the ball tube, ductile iron pipes and ductile cast pipe and so on. Mainly used for the conveyance of tap water, is the ideal choice of water pipe materials.

There are a number of spherical graphite distributed on ferrite and Pearlite matrix, and the ratio of ferrite to pearlite in the matrix is different according to the requirement of nominal caliber and elongation, the proportion of small-caliber pearlite is not more than 20%, and the general control of large caliber is about 25%.

Mechanical properties
Minimum tensile strength: 420/mpa
Minimum yield strength: 300/mpa, minimum elongation 7%
Standard: gb/t13295-2008, iso2531-2009
Caliber: dn80-dn2600