Experience Of Installation And Construction Of Ductile Iron Pipe

- Dec 27, 2017-

1. For easy installation, the rubber ring can be soaked with water first.

2. Hot summer, oil should use vegetable oil; cold winter, the rubber ring can be warmed by hot water to reduce the hardness, rapid installation.

3. Pipe installation If you need to borrow, in the pipe with its own corner can not be satisfied with the situation, according to the need to borrow the point of view, after the calculation of the pipe socket cut after the oblique mouth, so as to increase the angle of borrowing, but also to ensure safe use.

4. If the test pressure of the unconditional water, you may also consider the use of air pressure test.

5. Trench backfill should be layered tamping, if the pipeline across the road, in order to avoid crushing pipe body, can backfill coarse sand to the top of the tube.

6. The interface drip is sometimes occurred during construction. In order to avoid this phenomenon, in the installation should be strictly in accordance with the specifications of the construction, to ensure that each ductile iron pipe is installed in place for large-diameter pipe to check the situation of each interface rubber ring.

7. During the summer construction process, the interface can be properly covered with soil.

8. Tee, elbow must be made of concrete pier.