Trench Drain And Kerbs For Driveway

Trench Drain And Kerbs For Driveway

China supplier of polymer concrete trench drain and kerbs, the innovative design of driveway rain water discharging.From A15 to F900, according to EN1433. Easy install and repair.High strength drainage products.Contact information: Kevin Song.
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The traditional design of surface water drainage system, through several drainage points made from concrete with ductile cast iron cover grate according to EN124. The drainage pipe connect the drainage points then discharge the water into the catch basin.

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Presently, we offered our trench drain and kerbs for driveway projects,  compared with above traditional design, our products can discharge the surface water or rain water continuously. We found the debris blocked the drainage channels and it's difficult to clear away them to keep the drainage channel fluent and clear to the above traditional design.

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The new design of cover grates and inspection opening to make the clear works be easier.

Flat inner surface to keep the water flows smooth.

Polymer concrete with other filling materials to keep the trench drain and kerbs stronger.

Our products manufactured and tested according to EN1433.

Loading grade from A15 to F900.

More of details please download our catalog.

Contact information:

Cell phone (Whatsapp):+86-13889635947.

Inquiries please contact Kevin for professional answers if you feel free.

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